When it comes to houseplants, there are quite a few that are simply the most perfect ones for indoor gardeners who have more of a brown thumb rather than a green thumb. Even better is the fact that each plants has their own interesting and unique properties that can be extremely beneficial for not only the overall look and feel of a home’s interior, but also for the health of an individual as well.

Here are four of perhaps the most forgiving houseplants to consider making note of.


Perhaps one of the most forgiving houseplants is considered to be aloe. Most commonly referred to as aloe vera, this is a plant that is perhaps best known for its plump-sized leaves that are able to provide a soothing gel for various types of burns and cuts that individuals can often suffer, such as sunburns, paper cuts, and more. When it comes to watering this particular plant, it’s important to allow the soil of the aloe plant to completely dry in between waterings; however, depending on how humid the interior of your home may be, this could mean that you will want to water the plant every two or three weeks.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is another rather interesting houseplant thanks in large part to the fact that it requires so little water that you could leave your home for one full year and return to find that the plant itself is still in perfect condition. The leaves of the plant are thick and feature a natural shine. Even better is the fact that the ZZ plant can flourish in virtually any light. The only downside to this particular plant is the overall growth rate, which is slow. This means that it could end up costing you a bit more money to purchase the plant from a nursery since it takes longer to grow.

Chinese Money Plant

Another rather forgiving type of houseplant is the Chinese money plant. This is a plant that maintains a more tidy size, as it slowly grows to approximately 8 to 12 inches in height. The leaves of the plant itself are succulent and thick, and in terms of watering, this is something that doesn’t have to be done very much at all. The Chinese money plant can also act as more of a conversation piece among your friends and family members thanks to the shape of the leaves, which are more round and unusual as opposed to other plants.

Cast-Iron Plant

One other forgiving type of houseplant is the cast-iron plant, which is able to flourish in a low amount of light, as well as a high amount of light, whichever you wish to place it in; however, it’s best to ensure that the plant is not placed in direct sunlight. Additionally, the plant is also able to withstand any and all extreme temperature changes as well, as it is tolerant to droughts. It is also similar to the aforementioned ZZ plant in the sense that the biggest downside is its overall slow growth rate.

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