When it comes to selling a home, there are many homeowners who immediately begin to think that hosting an open house is perhaps the greatest idea ever, especially since their neighbors may be doing the exact same thing. Unfortunately, one of the biggest myths involving real estate is that open houses are the most effective ways to sell a home. This could not be further from the truth.

In fact, open houses rarely sell homes at all; however, they do actually increase the chances of a burglary taking place. A real estate agent should always take the responsibility of explaining to sellers that if they choose to have an open house, they will essentially be allowing strangers to come in and out of their home all day long, and that the sellers themselves will have to go somewhere else while the open house itself is taking place. This means that the real estate agent will be responsible for watching over the entirety of the home while, at the same time, trying to sell it to potential buyers.

Here are four items that you should consider keeping hidden during an open house.


Always hide anything that you consider to be valuable in nature. This includes, but is not limited to, jewelry, money, artwork, electronic devices, family heirlooms, guns, nostalgic items, vases, etc. It’s also a good idea to consider putting any and all keys away as well, as leaving any keys out in the open during an open house is nothing more than an invitation for a potential burglar to come back to the home whenever you aren’t around so that they can simply steal whatever it is that they want.


Another important thing to keep hidden during an open house is any and all documentation that contains identifying information about yourself. This includes anything containing your name, address, phone number, email address, and more. The most important thing is to keep potential buyers focused on the home and what it has to offer rather than your own personal life. If items like these are spotted, all they would have to do is quickly look you up on social media in order to find out all sorts of things about you. If they find one simple thing that they may not like, then the entire deal could go up in flames.

Political Affiliations

If you have any signs in your yard referencing a specific political position, it’s most definitely a good idea to remove these and hide them during the open house. A specific political position is almost certain to turn off potential buyers, especially during today’s extremely contentious political climate. While you may lean one way politically, a potential buyer may not feel the same way as you do. Additionally, you will also want to make sure that there are no other signs scattered throughout the home as well, such as magnets, stickers, fliers, and more. Any of these could run the risk of leading to an extremely awkward moment that you will otherwise want to avoid.

Signs of Smoking

Something else that you will want to keep hidden are any and all signs of smoking – if this is something that you or anyone else in your household partakes in. This is because any signs of smoking is all but certain to be an issue with potential buyers looking to purchase a home. An experienced real estate agent will always tell you that a seller will never want to be associated with smoking in a home. Even if you don’t smoke, but you still have an ashtray as more of a decorative piece, you will still want to put it away until the open house has concluded just to be on the safe side.

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