Now that the spring season is finally upon us, it normally would be the time to engage in all sorts of fun outdoor activities; however, recent events have made that next to impossible thanks to the onset of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that is currently gripping our world. As a result, many states have taken the step of imposing stay-at-home orders, forcing many residents to remain at home unless they absolutely need to leave for essential reasons.

Thankfully, you will still be able to head outdoors for some fresh air, including partaking in some fun DIY yard projects in your own yard.

Here are four fun DIY yard projects that you can consider partaking in while remaining at home for the time being.

Pulling Weeks

Perhaps one of the most fun and common DIY yard projects that you can always consider partaking in is pulling weeds, whether they may be in your front yard or your backyard. All you need to do is find an old mat or towel to kneel down on so that your knees won’t get dirty from being on the ground, then get to work on pulling the weeds from out of your flower beds. Alternatively, if you do not have any weeds in your flower beds currently, you can also lay down some decorative stones around your flower beds as a way to highlight these areas.

Clean Gardening Equipment

In the event that the weather outdoors may not be too great where you currently reside, you can still partake in a useful DIY project involving your yard. Simply head to your garage and take a look at the gardening gear that you currently own. Determine which pieces needs to be cleaned, making sure that you take the time to give each piece a good scrubbing in order to ensure that you remove all of the rust and dirt. Once you finish, be sure to dry everything carefully before placing them back in their proper storage locations.

Mailbox Makeover

Another fun DIY yard project that you can consider partaking in is to give your mailbox a makeover. Whether it needs to be repainted or if it’s leaning too much to one side, the mailbox will still need to be replaced in some fashion or another. Take the time to fix any blemishes that need to be repaired before then applying a fresh coat of paint. For extra curb appeal, you can also add a new set of house numbers to the mailbox itself, as well as planting some new annuals around the base of the mailbox.

Garden Pot Reno

Take the time to look at all of the garden pots that you currently own, as well as the condition that they are in. If you’re looking to make your garden pots truly stand out, it may be a good idea to consider giving them a pop of color with spray paint or acrylic paint, whichever you believe may be the best option to go with. Prior to applying either one, you will need to wash the pots and allow them to thoroughly dry either inside or in the sun. Next, you will then need to use either a paint primer or clay pot sealer in order to help whichever paint you apply last for a longer amount of time. From there, dab each one with paint by using a foam sponge brush; however, keep in mind that you may end up needing a couple of coats of paint in order to achieve the best amount of coverage.

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