Sustainable gardening involves gardening in a manner that is both more eco-friendly and smart rather than traditional. Essentially, it’s more about giving back to nature by using methods that are more organic, meaning that you will be using less chemicals and more green alternatives. All food that is grown via sustainable gardening has been shown to be richer in both taste and nutrients.

Here are some great ideas for sustainable gardening to consider making note of.

Save the Seeds

Consider saving all of your seeds. Whenever any of your vegetables and flowers have fully matured, they always produce seeds before they end up drying out. Rather than throwing them away or finding some other way to get rid of them, collect them instead and store them in an area that is both cool and dry. These seeds will be able to be used during the following year in the spring in order to grow the same exact plants all over again. Not only that, but you will also be able to save a great deal of money in terms of buying all new seeds on an annual basis as well.

Conserve Water

It’s also a good idea to do everything that you can to conserve your water resources. Perhaps the best way to do this is to use rain barrels to both store and use rainwater in your sustainable garden. Additionally, you can also develop a rain garden by producing a terrace that stores rainwater and also protects it against quick evaporation. Essentially, any sustainable gardener’s overall goal should always be to use water sources that are more natural, such as either rain water or rivers, to help grow their food. If you live in an area where rain is more scarce, you can instead utilize a watering can or irrigation to help with your garden. While it may be tempting to use an automated water sprinkler, this is something that can actually result in a great deal of water being wasted. Additionally, there are many plants that end up not doing so well when sprinklers are used to attempt to help them grow.


Another tip to consider making note of in terms of sustainable gardening is to become familiar with composting. This is a process that involves recycling food and other natural waste in order to use it as an organic type of fertilizer. For instance, instead of throwing away dead leaves, lawn clippings, flower heads, etc., consider instead composting them into an organic fertilizer that is rich in nutrients, which can then be used for your garden. As a result, your garden’s soil will end up becoming a lot richer, which will then cause your food to become healthier and more delicious as well.

No Chemicals

As previously mentioned, any sustainable garden should always utilize natural methods in order to help keep it properly maintained. This means that under no circumstances should you use any kind of chemical herbicides in order to control pests and weeds. If you happen to notice any weeds in your garden, simply pull them out by hand. Not only is this much safer, but it’s also a great source of exercise as well.

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