Grapevine tx home for sale – There are many different types of upgrades and improvements that can be made to a home that will also greatly increase its overall value. However, there are some improvements that are simply better and much more cost-effective than others despite what you may have previously thought.

Here are five home renovations that truly are worth the money that are invested into them.

Kitchen Update

Perhaps one home renovation that is truly worth the money is a kitchen update. The best thing about this type of renovation project is that a complete overhaul isn’t actually required in order to increase a home’s value in the long run. On the contrary, smaller-sized kitchen renovation projects can actually return approximately 82.7% of the total cost of the home, meaning that all you have to do is upgrade the cabinets, appliances, and counters, which can cost you only approximately $18,856. While larger kitchen renovation projects are just as great, you will only end up getting a 63.6% return of the cost due to an average renovation price of $109,935.

Basement Rennovation

Another great home renovation project that is worth the money is a basement renovation. This is truly another amazing way to help with adding living space to a home without having to worry about constructing an entire addition to the house itself. Performing this type of renovation can earn you a 77.6% cost-to-value ratio, with the average renovation cost coming in at $62,834 since all that would essentially need to be done is adding insulation, walls, ceiling, and flooring to the space itself.


One other type of home renovation project that is truly worth the money that’s invested into it is that of a brand new deck. When it comes to selecting a renovation that you will actually enjoy, this is as important as a great overall return on your investment, and a wood deck is something that would definitely fall under this category. This type of renovation project is one that will return approximately 87.4% of the total investment, generally costing around $9,500.

Garage Doors

A new set of garage doors is yet another type of home renovation project that is worth the money that will end up getting invested into it. Many homeowners consider this type of project to be the most bang for your buck. By spending around $1,500 on a midrange replacement, you will experience a return of approximately 83.7% on your total overall investment, while a more upscale model that costs approximately $2,800 will see you experience a return of around 82.9% of the total overall cost.

Attic Reno

Another type of home renovation project that is always worth the money that is invested into it is an attic renovation. This is a type of renovation project that is seeing an increase in popularity, as adding an extra bedroom upstairs will provide an additional amount of living space without having to worry about increasing the actual footprint of a home. This type of project will be an investment that will return approximately 84.3% of the total overall cost, with the average renovation cost totaling around $49,438.

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