When it comes to how to get your home ready to sell, there are all sorts of interesting tricks of the trade that will ensure you are able to make the most money when the time comes for the sale to become final.

Here are a few important tips on how to get your home ready to sell that every owner should make note on!

  • One of the most important things that every home buyer looks for is storage. It’s something that they can truly never have enough of. When it comes to selling your home, consider removing half of everything from your closets. From there, take the time to neatly organize the items that are left in these spaces until everything is tidy and neat. All potential buyers who tour your home will more than likely end up looking in these areas to see how much space exists there, so it’s important to be sure that you take the time to do this as well as possible.


  • If you currently have pets in your home, make sure that they are not there when the time comes to get your home ready to sell. Not all potential buyers will be lovers of dogs and/or cats, nor will they want to walk into a home to see a bowl full of pet food or end up having pet hair of some kind getting stuck to their clothes. The latter is something that can give potential buyers the impression that your home is likely not clean. In the event that you are planning an open house and you also have pets in your home, consider either taking them to a pet hotel for the day or take them to a friend or family member’s home while the open house is taking place. Once the open house concludes, you can then bring them back home.


  • No matter what, always make sure that your home is ready to be shown for an open house. This is because you never know when a potential buyer may end up coming through your door for an open house. This means that, for instance, you should never leave dishes in your sink, always make sure that your dishwasher is emptied, make sure that your bathrooms are cleaned, and make sure that there is no dust settling anywhere. Taking care of all of these small tasks, while inconvenient at times, are sure to guarantee success that your home will be sold. If you would like to know more about Weichert’s Open house program click here!


  • Take the time to de-personalize your home as much as possible. The more personal items that you have in your home while an open house is taking place, the less chance that a potential buyer will end up imagining themselves living there, thereby reducing the chances that they will end up wanting to make an offer on it. Generally, you will want to remove approximately one-third of your personal items and put them into storage. These items should include collections, personal keepsakes, memorabilia, and family photos. You can also consider hiring a home stager to assist you with this particular task as well.

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