With more than 250 individuals per day arriving to this area, there are clearly all sorts of different reasons to move to Fort Worth, whether it’s a decision that you may have been considering for a long time or one that you’ve recently started to think about. Regardless of the reason for your move to the area, you would have the distinction of joining those who make up more than any other metropolitan area in the entire United States.

Here are four of the best reasons to consider making the move to the city of Fort Worth:

  • Perhaps one of the top reasons to consider moving to the city of Fort Worth involves employment. In fact, the city itself is considered to be among the top destinations involving careers in the entire world. For instance, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has become a multibillion-dollar source of the economy for the area itself, and it’s also the fourth-largest airport in the world. Additionally, the city has a job growth rate of approximately 3.9% compared to the overall national average of 1.8% and is also the telecommunications center of the state of Texas as well. Some of the top companies in Fort Worth to work for include Exxon Mobil, American Airlines, AT&T, GE, Lockheed Martin, and so many more.


  • The city of Fort Worth has long been considered to have an amazing performing arts scene, meaning that anyone who may be in the mood to see a great show will definitely have all sorts of venue options to consider. For instance, you can consider checking out locations such as Bass Performance Hall, Lone Star International Film Festival, Main Street Arts Festival, and Fort Worth Stockyards District. Additionally, there are other live venues in the city that feature all sorts of fun activities, such as Fred’s Texas Cafe, Magnolia Motor Lounge, Capital Bar, and Wild Rooster.


  • The city of Fort Worth is also home to one of the most impressive school systems in the entire state of Texas. In fact, the Fort Worth Independent School District is the largest district in all of Tarrant County, with a total of 139 K-12 schools featuring more than 84,000 students. In terms of private schools, there are over 60 of these that cover many teaching philosophies and faiths, with some of the largest schools including Trinity Valley School, Forth Worth Christian School, and Fort Worth Country Day School. There are also more than 60 colleges and universities in the city, which range from private and public schools to technical and medical training. These schools include Tarrant County College, Texas Wesleyan University, Texas Christian University, Texas A&M University School of Law, Southern Methodist University, and University of North Texas.


  • Fort Worth is a city that also features a great cost of living for those who live there. In fact, the cost of housing is approximately 21% lower than the overall national average, with the median home price coming in at just over $260,000. In terms of transportation costs, you can expect to pay around $2.37 for a gallon of gas, as opposed to the national average of $2.65 per gallon. Utilities, however, are 1% higher than the overall national average, but housing expenses themselves are approximately 5% lower than the national average. For instance, a month of utilities can cost around $214, mainly for gas and electricity.


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